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July 16th,2003
      one more day on borrowed time - wednesday
Yes, I'm home, and no, I didn't get myself killed, thankyouverymuch Moony.

I've only seen Cho once since I've been back, she seems a little busy lately, but all is well. I don't like this insinuation that she has two men, but eh. Not like she's my girlfriend or anything, I suppose. I have her present back in my room, I really ought to give it to her next time I see her.

I'm worried about Harry.
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July 5th,2003
      one more day on borrowed time - saturday

mood : disconcerted

I received an urgent owl from-- well, someone-- today and I'm afraid I must be leaving for a while on Order ((of the Phone Sex)) business. I'll try to send an owl as often as possible, but unfortunatly I don't know how often that'll be. I'm leaving tonight, but first I have a few letters to deliver...

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July 4th,2003
      one more day on borrowed time - friday

i smell debauchery 5:05am
Draco bit my finger today. Which wouldn't be news in and of itself if it weren't for the fact that he sucked on it afterwords. I'm very ((turned on)) disconcerted by this.

In happier news, Cho wore her hair in pigtails today, which I find to be very fascinating. And I was spared having to watch Millicent and Neville be, err, affectionate all over each other.

As I told Cho earlier while we were sitting outside all alone because everyone had left us, Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto are in a very unlucky quadrangle. For instance, Cho is having a bad dream as we speak. I'm going to cut myself shaving tomorrow, and Ginny will spill her morning tea. If anyone sees Potter, tell him he might want to avoid swimming in the lake. He's supposed to have an embarassing encounter with a grindylow...

Oh, look, lillies! *wanders off*
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July 2nd,2003
      one more day on borrowed time - wednesday

mood : morose

Last night was a perfect example of how a good Hogwarts education stays with you for life. That was the first time I'd used anything I learned in Divination since taking my O.W.L.s.

Of course, I left out the part about Scorpio's being particularly lustful. I don't think thats a place Miss Chang would've appreciated me going. No thanks to Moony over there.

I used to be able to charm the knickers off of sweet little girls without even thinking about it. It keeps coming as such a shock to me that I'm old. I keep telling myself that I'm twenty, and then I look in the mirror.

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June 30th,2003
      one more day on borrowed time - monday

[private: to gryffindors and ravenclaws]

i would appreciate it if nobody mentioned the skinny-dipping story to malfoy, or any of the other slytherins for that matter. i wouldnt want him to get a little hot under the belt collar.

... not that it was me, mind you. but if you all are so intent on believing so, wouldn't hurt to keep it contained.

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June 28th,2003
      one more day on borrowed time - saturday

I heard something around the Great Hall about my idiot godson throwing a party and not inviting me. Of course, I'll have to crash it put a stop to it if I can find out anything for certain.

Dumbledore wants me to take over Advanced Transfiguration and Introduction to Becoming An Animagus (7th years only). Can you believe it? Me, a professor. This can only mean one thing: responsibility. Yuck.
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June 25th,2003
      one more day on borrowed time - wednesday

woof test.
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