Sirius Black (shaggy_sirius) wrote,
Sirius Black

i smell debauchery

Draco bit my finger today. Which wouldn't be news in and of itself if it weren't for the fact that he sucked on it afterwords. I'm very ((turned on)) disconcerted by this.

In happier news, Cho wore her hair in pigtails today, which I find to be very fascinating. And I was spared having to watch Millicent and Neville be, err, affectionate all over each other.

As I told Cho earlier while we were sitting outside all alone because everyone had left us, Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto are in a very unlucky quadrangle. For instance, Cho is having a bad dream as we speak. I'm going to cut myself shaving tomorrow, and Ginny will spill her morning tea. If anyone sees Potter, tell him he might want to avoid swimming in the lake. He's supposed to have an embarassing encounter with a grindylow...

Oh, look, lillies! *wanders off*
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